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Our Testimonial
Hope Abashik is great school.My son will be passed Higher Secondary this year. He has had an excellent education there. He has made so much progress, not only academically, but socially, spiritually, and emotionally as well.
Secretary Speech :

In all ages of human history great appearances make their positions through their deeds and achievements. In Islam it occurred from the moment of rising sun with the very sound “Iqra” through Hazrat Mohanimad (S.). The great victor conquered time and death. Now-a-days, we, the followers of Islam, are called Muslims on papers not in soul purely.It is a great challenge to us that we are the best and better than the best to produce ourselves in front of the naked world. But it is a great cures to us that we are going to be naked in front of the others without education, presentation, meditation and patience. So it is the best time to stand erect to give the positive response on others through capturing the powers by our efforts and merits. Hazrat Mohammad (S.) conquered a bad man by good deeds, conquered a her by truth, conquered a miser by giving him more and conquered the whole humanity by “Iqra”. So it is the way to keep pace with the universe through education, not only education but also the active and workable education which can lead a community to reach its final destination. Only Imandar knowledgeable and wise persons make their places in the throne of veneration in human mind through their social responsibilities. So Hope Educational and Welfare Trust wants to make such students, officers, men, who will able to conduct his conununity, his society and his responsibility through the paths of Allah. The efforts made by Hope Educational and Welfare Trust is no doubt a milestone for the students of West Bengal, India and also it should lead to the whole globe, Insa-Allah. All the courses will continue smoothly if you all think that Hope Educational and Welfare Trust is a symbol of victory to our community and we should do something for its future steps. It is my keen appeal to you to come to the yard of Hope Educational and Welfare Trust to continue its activities. Almighty Allah will bless you. .