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Our Testimonial
Hope Abashik is great school.My son will be passed Higher Secondary this year. He has had an excellent education there. He has made so much progress, not only academically, but socially, spiritually, and emotionally as well.
Rules of our Institution :

  • The rules of the school must be obeyed.
  • Namaz should be observed five times with ‘Zamat’.
  • The authority will not get any responsibilities if the students leave the hostel without taking permission from the authority.
  • Guardians can meet their wards on Sunday after 12:00 noon.
  • Only taking permission from the authority, Guardians can enter into the rooms of their wards.
  • All dues of the previous month must be paid with 10th of the current month, otherwise Rs. 10/-will be paid as ‘fine’ for each day.
  • If the students leave the school before completing the full academic session, he must be paid the charge of whole session.
  • Students can not stay except their allotted seats.
  • No phone call will be allowed in time of schooling, coaching and room study.
  • The privileges getting students must be scored minimum 70% number in the annual examination.
  • 40% number will be the measure of class promotion.
  • Authority will bear the cost of first-aid treatment of the ailing student, rest of the cost of the treatment will pay the guardian.
  • No students allow to keep money with him. The money should be deposited in School Bank.
  • No students allow in the class without uniform.
  • Every students should attend in the Prayer metting.
  • Every student must be returned in the hostel in the fixed time after long vacation, otherwise he will be gone back to his home for seven days.