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Our Testimonial
Hope Abashik is great school.My son will be passed Higher Secondary this year. He has had an excellent education there. He has made so much progress, not only academically, but socially, spiritually, and emotionally as well.
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We are citizen of socialist, secular, democratic and republic India. We know second highest Muslim peoples live in India. But their social status is tremendous due to lack of education, employment and political base. But we know Muslim are not the last benched students and not unable to develop or to build their character being humanity.

Now a statistical report is placed that 25.25% Muslim out of 34.89% minor community in West Bengal. If we discuss it district-wise we can see the figure 20.27% (lowest) Muslim community have not stepped to the primary education. This is also very poor record to the Muslim in higher education. There are 3.1% graduate in urban area and 1% in rural area. The social structure, political platform over all the circumstances of our country is not only responsible for the social, economical and educational position of Islamic community. But we can say the government was mindless to us or to develop the very afore-said community. We have forgotten that according to the law of Al-Quran, a Muslim must be a literate and hard worker. HOPE EDUCATIONAL AND WELFARE TRUST believes in near future, We have already established a concrete platform for ourselves, from where we can get back our previous social, economical, political and cultural glorious status by the bless of almighty ALLAH.

HOPE EDUCATIONAL AND WELFARE TRUST allows the community to get a fresh complete Islamic educational movement to prepare themselves to overcome the recent painful situation. We want to see our achievement with our ability ( from clerk to secretary ) through out Bengal and India. We also want our representative as a non-corrupted, honest, dutiful, Imandar Muslim. INSALLAH when we keep our step in the threshold of any office with “As Salamu Alaikum”, an Imandar voice will come out as “Walai Kum As Salam”.